“Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” Review


“Glass Onion” takes on a new approach to murder mystery. Photo Credit: IMBD

A star studded whodunit mystery featuring many cameos from a-list level actors. “Glass Onion” is coming off the 2019 Oscar nominated first “Knives Out” film – a movie I have yet to watch. “Knives Out” seems to have a different approach than the typical whodunit as the main climax of the film was not who the killer was rather the motives behind the killer. Going into the theater I was skeptical over what this film would be like, yet when the credits came on I was in a different mindset. 


First of all, I felt many of the actors, specifically Janelle Monáe’s performance added to the shock factor that was created through the storyline. Not to give out any spoilers, but Monae has a complicated role. Also I would say the two actors who gave the best performances were her and Daniel Craig. 


Now I only have two negatives which are not even that major. Although I enjoyed the cameos from Ethan Hawke and Hugh Grant the level of publicity some had got to be a little much. I feel as though the concept of cameos are less exciting when there gets to be so much of them. A perfect example of quality over quantity. My second negative being how the creators included the pandemic into the plot. While that neesecailly did not mess up or ruin the movie it was somewhat of a distraction. Movies such as “Glass Onion ” are meant to be an escape from reality, but by including the pandemic that took away from that factor.


My final point to make on “Glass Onion” is the featured costumes. Not only were they beautiful on all the actors but the costumes were also cleverly used. First off, what each character wore described what kind of person they were. Also the costumes seemed to have been wovened into the plot. I am going to be vague over how exactly that was done. For example, in one key scene where much is going on one of the female character’s dress is used as a distraction from many of the key points that could have been taken out of that scene. The “Glass Onion” costumes were used for more than just something for the actors to wear. 


Overall, “Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery” was a unique approach to the murder mystery genre. I only wonder if there would be a difference in my opinion if I had watched the first “Knives Out” film as I know that movie had an equally as big cast as “Glass Onion”.


“Glass Onion” is currently showing in select theaters and will come out on Netflix on December 23, just in time for the holidays.