Enola Holmes 2 explores the idea of self discovery through protagonist


Enola Holmes 2 was set in Victorian London and stars actors such as Millie Bobby Brown . Photo Credit: Netflix

Enola Holmes 2, starring Milly Bobby Brown, was released on October 27, 2022,  and epitomizes the idea of an independent lead who isn’t afraid to get dirty to find what she wants. The main character, Enola Holmes, struggles to discover her own path and make a name from her own accomplishments, and not her elder brother, Sherlock Holmes’s. 


Every young girl looks up to the strong female protagonist who is fierce, smart, and bold, and Enola holmes is the perfect role model. Growing up, I loved watching movies like these, with just the right amount of romance and action, which is why I thoroughly enjoyed the personality of Enola Holmes.


The movie takes place in Victorian London around 1885. It follows the life of Enola on a journey to uncover the mystery of a girl going missing in a match factory, but every time she followed a clue it simply led to more questions and problems.


Often breaking the fourth wall, Enola communicates to the audience as though sharing their own secret. Whether to fill the audience in or to crack a witty joke, breaking the fourth wall creates a personal connection, and adds to the overall quality of the movie.


The plot of Enola Holmes 2 flows very well and the actors do an amazing job of playing the characters. Milly bobby brown, who has also starred in Stranger Things and Godzilla, captures the characteristics of Enola Holmes perfectly. She is also credited with helping to produce the movie, and just shows the incredible talent she has.


In addition to this, most of the stunts done by Enola have been acted by Millie Bobby Brown herself. She says that that there’s always a sense of nervousness when going up to high places and acting, while just really hoping that it all looks good on camera.


Other actors like Lois Paltridge, Helena Bonham Carter who has also acted in Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, and Henry Cavill from Black Adam and Man Of Steel, enhance the film with their unique persoanlities and their own eccentric nature. 


In general, this movie is an amazing watch, and does an incredible job of putting together all the different elements that make a movie so great. The plot is interesting, the acting is amazing, and it’s fun to see a different twist on the name ‘Holmes’. I would rate this movie a 10/10, and definitely ask everyone who loves adventure movies to watch Enola Holmes 2 on Netflix!