Inside Job season two continues plot developments with introduction of new characters


Inside Jobs leaves room for new plot developments and characters in the new season. Photo Credit: The Hollywood Reporter

On November 18, 2022, Inside Job released its season two onto Netflix, continuing the story from season ones major cliffhanger. Season two consists of eight episodes, each episode running for 26 to 31 minutes, leaving room for the more storyline and character developments. 


I have been a huge fan of Inside Job when it first came out in 2021, so when I heard the news of a second season, I freaked out. I’ve always loved adult themed cartoons, specifically shows like Family Guy, Bobs Burgers, and Futurama, so when I saw that Netflix released a show centered around a company managing the world’s conspiracy theories, I knew I had to watch it. 


After watching the second season, so many thoughts were coming to my brain, specifically how different the second season was to the first one. Now don’t get me wrong, it’s not like I didn’t enjoy the changes, I actually really enjoyed the new season, I just realized how different the directive was from the first season. I feel like the second season followed a story to a tee with more of a steady storyline that the first seasons cliffhanger left off on. The first season, on the other hand, didn’t fully have that kind of storyline. Instead, having every episode be a different story, but still able to slowly connect together.


A big difference between the first season and the second season is the introduction to a new character, Ron Staedtler. Ron Staedtler is introduced in the first episode as a member of the Illuminati aka the competitor company to the main cast of characters. Ron is one of my all time favorite characters in the series due to his character design, development, and overall personality especially when around the main character, Reagan Ridley. 


Light spoilers ahead:


The reason why I love Reagan and Ron’s relationship is because they go through an enemies to lovers type of relationship. At first they obviously hate each other because they are rival companies, but eventually, while Reagan and Ron are fighting, they realise that they both want the same thing, destruction of the company they work for specifically because of the leaders. They end up ‘discussing’ their alikeness and start to go out with each other, but since they are rival companies, they must keep it on the down low. It’s almost like a Romeo and Juliet type of romance. 


End of light spoilers:


The cliffhanger of the second season really made me go wild. I’m not going to go into full detail, but the indication that there will be a new season in very clear. The ending almost felt rushed in a sense, most likely because of there being two less episodes that the first season. Non the less, The ending really will shock you, especially if you have already grown a connection with the characters. I can’t wait for the story to continue in season three. 


Overall, Inside Job season two was able to take what we already know and love about season one and show all these new plot lines and different development of the characters, some weve mey prior and some we havent, all this without taking the original story in a different direction. Thats something I really appreciate about the writers.


Season two of Inside Job is out now on Netflix, go watch it now.