Reasons behind “No More Mega-Lunch”

LTHS gets rid of Mega-Lunch temporarily due to behavior issues. 

Photo Credit: PIXNIO

LTHS gets rid of Mega-Lunch temporarily due to behavior issues. Photo Credit: PIXNIO

Addie Salvosa, Editor-in-chief

LTHS has recently implemented the traditional lunch schedule due to various reasons such as behavioral issues, security issues,  leading to longer class periods, and this has caused an outpour of opinions across the school. 

Chyler Hahner, Algebra 1 and Advanced Algebra 2 teacher described her reaction to Mega Lunch being removed and how it was something to look forward to and a unique part of LT culture.

“I’m pretty sad about it. I love Mega Lunch and my first year at LT here I was super excited for it, so it’s sad to see it go so fast,” Hahner said.” 

Hahner missed having student interactions and the ability to utilize time wisely while in school. 

“Doing tutorials is a good time to actually get interactions with students and the good students who want to use that time wisely are being stripped of it now, and I think it’s a really good time to get all of your stuff done while you’re already at school,” Hahner said. “You’re already at school so you might as well do it during that time.”

Hahner talked about the thing she will miss most from Mega Lunch and the difficulties it poses for those who are less motivated. 

“I actually miss the most seeing students during lunch,” Hahner said. “I feel like it’s going to be a lot harder to get my Algebra 1 kids, my less motivated kids, to come in for tutorials, because it’s not during school and they have to put in extra time. 

Hahner provided examples on how it’s a struggle to adjust to the lack of Mega Lunch for staff and students alike due to extra hours being put in. 

“I think it’s hard [for students] because a lot of them can’t control when they come and leave school by bus so it’s really hard for them to get into school,” Hahner said. “Then it’s hard for teachers because we usually get here super early and leave at a decent time, but when we’re here we’re working and we’re planning and debriefing, and now that time is taken up by doing tutorials. So it’s really hard because we’re (students and teachers), already putting in our 9 hrs a day, so now we have to add on more because we don’t have Mega Lunch.”

Mega Lunch being removed is a disappointment to many students, especially upperclassmen such as senior Vivien McCormack. 

“Mega lunch being removed is disappointing to me and most of my classmates,” McCormack said. “We feel very frustrated that it is being taken away during our senior year, the last year that we will be around many of our friends, and Mega Lunch was extra time that we got to spend together.”

McCormack, detailed the importance of Mega Lunch and how it aids in the wellbeing of students. 

“Mega Lunch is important because it is a time when students can both relax with their friends, and get school work done,” McCormack said. “This hour-long break helps students not feel burnt out by noon.”

Sophomore Ariella Alexander listed the effects that the loss of Mega Lunch will have on personal relationships as well as the obstacle of tutorial scheduling changes which greatly impacts students’ grades and quality of curriculum retention in specific subjects. 

“I think Mega Lunch is crucial to the morale of Lebanon Trail,” Alexander said. “Seeing all my friends come together during lunch and catching up on our lives was the highlight of my day, but now, I feel the distance between my friends and I increase as we aren’t allowed to see each other face to face during school. Another major importance of Mega Lunch is the tutorials. Going to lunch tutorials has helped me tremendously with studying for upcoming quizzes and tests, and just improved my overall understanding of different subjects.”

Erin Thompson, described the other hindrances of Mega Lunch being taken away such as the removal of club meeting opportunities and how clubs are an integral part of school spirit. 

“I am in a club where the only time we could meet was Mega Lunch,” Thompson said. “Now that that is gone, we can’t meet up anymore. [It] sucks because I actually enjoyed that club a lot and I miss it.” 

Alexander described the different aspects of daily school life that will be impacted, specifically tutorials and how it is now more difficult to maintain a healthy school life balance without Mega Lunch. 

“Students will need to go to morning or after school tutorials, and club meetings, but will also need to find more time to socialize with friends outside of their already busy schedule,” Alexander said. “However, the problem with this is that some aren’t available during these times due to personal matters, which will create an unfair disadvantage to these people.”