Bullet Journal Club brings calmness to stressing school life


Bullet Journal is a way to organize your life in a creative way. Photo Credit: Creative Commons

Being a senior in high school is hard enough, especially when only attending up to three classes a week at LTHS, attending college classes off campus, and leading a club. Senior Miranda
Murphy, the vice president of the Bullet Journal Club, along with Senior President Laney Perry,who declined to be interviewed, juggles these difficult tasks with little toil.

Murphy has been bullet journaling for almost three years now and has decided to carry on with the club, alongside Perry, after the previous president graduated. Murphy wants to motivate students to do something that makes them happy, and she works to open healthy, creative outlets for them. The BUJO Club was formed last year, but is now sparking up and gaining momentum.

“By leading a club or organization you can set a firm example for other students, you can create a nice environment for them, and just a space where it’s either a safe place or just doing something you like, such as bullet journal,” Murphy said. “We go in there, we talk, we have a
nice time, have lunch, and a lot of other stuff. We work on something that we like that’s kind of like a destresser and it’s peaceful. We have our own time.”

In fact, the club started because a group of friends wanted to keep this exciting feeling going and share it with the students around them. Murphy first journaled with her peers, and it lit up
something in all of them.

“It was super calming and it felt inclusive and I was like, ‘Okay I can take some time to actually do my bullet journal with people who also like to bullet journal,’” Murphy said. “We want to have this time every week, we want to share this with other people because we know that they’re going to be inspired.”

Due to it being a more peaceful, laidback environment, the Bullet Journal Club is a zen choice when it comes to adding extra activities to students’ schedules.

“Being in Bullet Journal relaxes me. It’s super nice. It’s not super demanding, it doesn’t take up my time as much as other clubs,” Murphy said. “We’re in once a week, come if you need, come
if you want. And personally, I go every week because it’s a time that I set for Bullet Journal.”

Although the club is the perfect spot to unwind, it wasn’t always like this for the members.

Because there are so many clubs at LT, starting the club, and keeping it going, has been challenging for them.

“It is really hard, because of the amount of students that either do participate or don’t. It’s a lot of time to take out of your day to actually advertise for that club and continue on with that,” Murphy
said. “I think the most challenging part of starting a club is finding enough people to keep it a club because of course you’ll always have two or three people who are really invested in the
club and want to do it.”