Pink Out Volleyball game

The sound of the buzzer rings throughout the gymnasium, startling everyone intently watching the game. With butterflies in their stomachs and nervous anticipation, the crowd looks over at the scoreboard simultaneously. Lebanon Trail won!

The rejoicing of both the spectators and the players after their glamorous win echoed around the gym and LT had another winning volleyball home game on their side.

“I thought it was a great win as it was an important game,” Ashley Schmidt says.

The Lebanon Trail volleyball team played a home game and won with an amazing victory.

“I think an advantage [they had] is of ‘home court’ which I feel makes [playing volleyball] more comfortable and therefore easier to win,” Ashley says.

This volleyball game was dedicated to raising awareness for breast cancer and when the home team, Lebanon Trail, won, it was like a win for women everywhere.

Watching the pink out volleyball game [was] different than watching other normal volleyball games because you know everyone gathered there has a mutual support for a common cause,” Abbie Huang said.

Breast cancer is an important cause to raise awareness for because it affects all types of women around the world and is a disheartening problem for all.

“I personally don’t know anyone who has experienced breast cancer, but if i did, i think this month would be very emotional but i would feel better by everyones support throughout the month,” Abbie said.

There are many ways that students and teachers at Lebanon Trail can support the pink out cause, but one specific way is by raising money for it.

“I support breast cancer awareness in other ways by wearing pink every Wednesday [during] the month of October,” Abbie says.

Additionally, LTHS Student Council is selling Pink Out T-shirts for $15, and all money raised goes towards breast cancer awareness charities.