Banning books devalues their value


Books often contain themes such as gender identity, race, and racism. In other school districts, parents have raised their voices by banning books containing aforementioned themes from school libraries, proposing that the contents are not proper for their kids.

This has not happened in LTHS or another FISD school yet. However, there was a total of 11 library book reconsideration, meaning that though they have not banned the book yet, they could ban these books once they receive a valid explanation. 

I think letting students not be able to access books in the school library or banning books isn’t fair. High school students have approached the level of expressing their sexuality or identity. Some students are close to being adults or in college. They know who they are and what they are talking about. Parents might say that their child is pure and innocent, but they are high school students. Even if their child might not know them, it’s important to understand. Books are valuable sources in their life. It’s the ability to help students to fit in the future society and expand their thoughts and growth mindset. 

Besides, books that are in the library are looked over by school librarians beforehand. Not only is there a consideration process but there are also strict policies about supplying books in the school library. Nevertheless, the banning of books could serve as a way of protecting parents and students at a cost of the unfair access of information. They might have selected the wrong book, but most of their book consideration is accurate and approved through rigorous policies and procedures. 

If many books are reconsidered or forbidden, students wouldn’t be aware of different perspectives. Books exist to let people have different points of view and learn many divergent subjects. If all books share the same perspective, students will be unable to grow and expand their knowledge. 

Banishing books is a serious issue for high school students. As a student myself, I don’t think schools shouldn’t ban books due to the parent’s requests and contents of them such as gender identity, racism, race, etc.  

I love books and reading them. They have advanced my knowledge and widened my perspectives. However, banning books is not okay. We have the right to read them and it’s crucial to read.