The importance of elections and a strong leader


Eleanor Cho, Staff Reporter

Elections are one of the most important and crucial events in a country— it decides the country’s future. If a legitimate presidential candidate gets elected, it can lead to the creation of a well developed district or region. However, if an illegitimate presidential candidate gets the  most votes, the wrong bill could pass and minorities might not benefit. Every vote can affect the future. 

On March 9, 2022, South Korea’s 20th election ended with strong divergence between political voices. Yoon Seok-youl from the Conservative party won by a margin less than 1% against Lee Jae- myung from the Democratic party. Supporters of the Democratic party are worried about their future since Yoon Seok- youl did not respond to any of the policies; and proposed policies that might sound illogical. In addition, South Korea experienced impeachment a few years ago. Some people are worrying about what might happen to them. 

In the US, people experienced negative effects such as feelings of depression and aggression, after Donald Trump became the president. In 2021, President Trump’s supporters attacked the Capitol building in Washington, D.C. About 73 officers suffered injuries during the Capitol riot. In 2014, a similar level of dramatic accident happened in South Korea when MV Sewol, filled with students and teachers who were on a field trip sunk. Former president Park did not provide an emergency presidential order without knowing any. As a result, 304 people died or disappeared.  Later on December 8, 2016, Park Geun- hye finally got impeached. Both Trump and Park were viewed in a negative light as leaders to groups of people, and both of them were impeached.

Even though Park and Trump got impeached, impeachment is not easy to pass. Two- thirds of the supermajority can’t easily reach it if there are strong supporters. In addition, impeachment can’t just quickly happen. It takes a long and hardened time and proper criminal reason. It can’t just happen because you don’t like he or she doing.

In order to prevent impeachment, you have to know the importance of elections. Acknowledging how elections can influence people’s life and the country’s future. No one knows the future but voting for a proper person can lead to an ideal world. 

The next US election is in 2024. Two years feels a large gap but no one knows what might happen. We have to learn about the importance and true meaning of elections. Elections are more important than anything. Each individual’s vote can change the results.