Casino night at the 2021-22 senior prom


Courtesy of Ethan Wu

Navya Grandhe, Assistant Managing Editor

As the 2021-2022 school year comes to a close, the prom season is around the corner for all seniors, where they will enjoy one last night together as a graduating class before heading their own separate ways. This year will only be LTHS’ second prom, and the Student Council is committed to making it a night to remember. 

Sydney Heckes, the student council adviser, explained the process of what it was like to plan the logistics of prom. 

“Prom planning started in April of 2021,” she said. “First, we had to decide on a date and venue for the event. We toured several spaces, but ultimately decided on the Omni in Frisco. In January 2022, we decided on a theme and secured the DJ for the event. Then, we toured the space and decided on the layout and general floorplan. Lastly, we selected food and beverage for the event and ordered decorations! We also worked on promoting ticket sales and advertising the event to all seniors!”

Student council president Isabella Grogman explained what she believes will be the highlights of this year’s prom. 

“I am most excited to have a dance floor at prom this year,” she said. “Last year there was no dance floor, so this will be the very first time LT has one! I am super excited to watch everyone go out on the dance floor and have a great time! We also have lots of fun casino games in store, and lots of delicious foods to try.”

Compared to the first prom hosted, there will be many changes made this year.

“Prom is a bit different this year because we are hosting it at a different venue”, Heckes said.  “Additionally, last year we couldn’t have a dance floor, so we decided to have casino games for entertainment. It was such a hit that we decided to have casino games again this year!”

Gia Shetty, junior, and soon to be Vice President for next year’s Student Council shared what she hopes will be in store for us for the next prom and the changes she wants to help make. 

As our Student Council’s next Vice President, one thing I really want to get better at next year is utilizing our social media platforms to reach more students,” she said.  “So, our Treasurer, Neha Somepalli, and I have been in charge of creating all of our Instagram posts promoting prom. It has been really fun to work with her on this “rebranding” and I am excited to see what we will be able to do next year.”