Eric Reprid’s “3TERNITY” reveals Reprid’s journey with catchy beats


Credit: Ethan Wu

Vaishnavi Josyula

On March 17, rapper and songwriter Eric Reprid released his mixtape “3TERNITY,” consisting of 13 tracks. The mixtape outlines his musical journey and growth since he first started making music. 

As a huge fan of Reprid since his “Cold World” era, I’ve been looking forward to this mixtape ever since its announcement in January, especially because this is the last mixtape to be produced by Marc Wavy, Reprid’s friend and producer.

The mixtape starts off with “Breathe In,” a melodious track with heartfelt lyrics reflecting Reprid’s musical journey. With lyrics such as “It’s getting kinda hard to find a reason / But this lil’ dream gon’ keep me breathing,” this song sets the tone of the mixtape. In the next track, “Help Me,” Reprid elaborates on the people he encountered in his journey and how they impacted him: “So please tell me / Why won’t anybody try to help me / All these fake friends finna fail me/ … Five years since I told mom I’d make it yeah / I done cried so many times up in that basement yeah.

In “Left and Right,” Reprid opens up about working with his friend Marc Wavy and chasing his dream of becoming a rapper despite his parents’ disapproval. In the last track, “Money Longer,” my favorite track from a lyrical standpoint, Reprid further elaborates on his journey and the hardships he has faced. His mother moved to Canada, learned English, and became a nurse, while his father disapproved of his career. What I love about this song is not only the raw emotions Reprid’s lyrics portray but also the clips from the past five years that show how Reprid and Wavy’s relationship grew while working together. 

Not all tracks reflect on Reprid’s journey, though. “Shannon’s Song” is about spending time with and loving a partner. Similarly, based on the tune and beats, my favorite songs in the album,“Day and Night” and “No Plan B” are about a lover as well. 

Overall, I enjoyed the beats, catchy tunes, and earnest lyrics in the mixtape. As someone who likes rap and has been listening to Reprid and Wavy for over a year now, I loved listening to the mixtape and can’t wait to hear more from both artists.