A look into the Wordle craze


he Wordle Logo as players from all across the globe tune in to play on March 5, 2022. Credit: mobilesyrup.com

Addie Salvosa, Editor-in-chief

Wordle, a web-based word game, gives players six chances to figure out a five-letter word and has taken the world by storm. The unique Scrabble-like game has many players hooked and has already inspired a few spinoff games. 

Freshman Victoria Nguyen plays Wordle a few times a week and discusses how her favorite part is finishing the Wordle and describes how it makes her feel.

“Actually getting the Wordle, it’s the feeling of achievement I get when I do it in 5 or 6 tries,” Nguyen said.

Madison Tarachand, talks about how often she plays per week and why.

“I probably play it every day mainly because the Wordle recycles every day, and I like to keep on top of it, keep my streak,” Tarachand said. 

Freshman Taj Khemlani describes what makes Wordle so interesting and what his favorite part about playing the game is.

“It’s a fun and educational game for teenagers and anyone can play and you can actually learn a lot of vocabulary from it,” Khemlani said. 

Nguyen shares how she does not have a specific strategy while playing.

“Absolutely none,” Nguyen said. “I just type the words that I think of first. Really just depends on my mood.”

Meanwhile, Tarachand has a set strategy and starts out playing with a vowel-filled word.

“Ok, so one of the main strategies which has not been so effective because the New York Times has not been so great recently, but basically I usually use the word CRANE or AUDIO, something that uses a lot of vowels and then from there I’ll use different clues,” Tarachand said. “So like say if AUDIO and there were none of those answers I’ll use completely different ones. So it’s like that.”

Mary Jack, an English teacher, explains why Wordle is so popular and appealing around the world.

“I think it’s something that’s accessible to all, easily understood, and gives people a challenge!,” Jack said. “So much of the media or entertainment we participate in is very personalized; it’s easy to never watch the same show, listen to the same music, or watch the same movies as those around us. Wordle is unique in that it’s something that so many people from all walks of life enjoy and are able to participate in. It gives people a shared experience, small and silly as it may seem.”