Students succeed in the HOSA Area competition


On Feb. 18 and 19, Health Occupations Students of American (HOSA) students attended the area competition and some won an opportunity to compete at the state competition. 

The competition experience itself was memorable for juniors Ashley Chen and Bala Somanchi.

“I had never been to a competition, so I wasn’t expecting anything, but I will say it is one of the most professional and independent competitions I have experienced, mimicking a business schedule,” Chen said. “It was fascinating to see a school full of students dressed professionally, rehearsing scripts, preparing speeches, and collaborating in such intensive ways. Honestly, it was also exhausting, with early mornings and late nights and lots of communication and practice.”

Each competitor or team chooses an event and prepares to compete in it.

“ We competed in CERT skills, ” Chen’s group said. “We were interested in a more hands-on event rather than one strictly confined to independent study, and we were happy to work in a group and was driven to have a dynamic where we motivated each other even while juggling our own academics and extracurriculars.”

The story behind Chen and Somanchi’s success involves lots of hard work and dedication.

“We prepared for our event through study sessions and late phone calls after school when homework was finished,” Chen’s group said. “It was difficult, since we had very different schedules, and life is full of conflicts. Because of this, we had to type out scripts and do a lot of independent memorization. It was especially difficult because our event involves acting and teamwork, so much of the actual physical movements were practiced within days of competition.”

Their determined spirit paid off at the end of the day with a new opportunity at the state level.

“Personally, I had not been expecting to advance or even be awarded,” Chen said. “I was not prepared to see our names on the screen, nevertheless the results of first place.”

From April 19 to 22, these students will attend the State Leadership Conference at the Galveston Island Convention. Through perseverance and a goal driven mindset, HOSA students can achieve their goals of becoming future health professionals.

“I always knew I wanted a future in the health science professions, regardless of the particular field,” Chen said. “HOSA was my way of integrating myself into the medical world and exploring the possibilities that lay ahead for me along that path.”