Rainbow Six Siege reaches new heights with Demon Veil


Jordan Davis, Staff Reporter

Rainbow Six Siege is releasing season one of year seven, “Demon Veil,” celebrating seven years of loyal gamers and quarterly updates.

With the first new map in three years, and Azami, the promising new defender with capabilities yet to be explored, Demon Veil appears refreshing.

Rainbow Six Siege Reach New Heights With Demon Veil:

Azami appears to be one of the most ingenuitive operators yet, with the capability to deny lines of sight and provide a bulletproof barrier anywhere it may be necessary. Her circular walls of denial are Kiba barriers, which she possesses four of. The Kibas launch off a gadget on her wrists, likely a homage to game producer Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed” franchise. 

Alongside Azami, who bears a Japanese heritage, Ubisoft proudly announced the first new map in three years of Siege.

Emerald Plains is an Irish castle map with stunning visuals, long decorated hallways, a massive breachable skylight, and lots of innovative scenery for close-quarters combat. Although exciting, Emerald Plains will not release until halfway through the season, allowing for a more finished product to be released. It did, however, launch on the test server Monday,  Feb. 21.

This action-packed season still has one more major update.

The Team Deathmatch mode (TDM) will also be available for play at the start of the season. This mode promises to bring a new form of warming up, with players able to compete in a typical five vs. five setting but with any operator of their choice, defender, or attacker. TDM gives players the chance to practice with the operator of their choice and to kill all five enemy players instead of hostage rescue or defusing a bomb.

Overall, Demon Veil is a season loaded with content Rainbow Six Siege fans have asked for years.

Demon Veil has already been released on test servers and will reach the live build within two to three weeks.