Cheerleading team competes at the UIL competition


Navya Grandhe, Assistant editor in chief

We know LTHS’ cheerleading for the pep and energy they bring to every event that takes place at school. They are a vital part of the school’s identity as they continue to raise spirit across the faculty and student body. This year, the cheerleading team reflects on their UIL competition, highlighting the process that got them where they are. 

The UIL competition is held in Fort Worth each January, however, the cheerleading team also competes at the Grapevine Invitational the week before, where they placed 4th. 

The team was more ready than ever to take their liveliness to the next level at UIL this year. 

This year the team was very excited to go to UIL!” senior and captain Isabella Grogman said. “In both 2019 and 2020 the team was named 5A DII  (Division 2) state finalists. Last year we moved to DI (Division 1), and this year we came into it with a fire underneath us.”

Although the prevalence of the pandemic changed things up a little, the team was prepared and handled the problems that came their way in stride. 

“The week of UIL we had a few of our teammates get sick with COVID, but we were fortunate enough to have girls step in and do their part,” Grogman said. 

The team shares a special bond and continues to support one another.

“The team works together during practices by supporting one another in everything we do,” Grogman said. “Anytime someone hits a new skill such as a stunt or tumbling pass, we all cheer for one another. We also hold each other accountable for everything we do. We like to make sure we all do our part in the routine and support one another along the way.”

Being a part of cheerleading is really fulfilling for the team and they truly enjoy each other’s company. 

“My favorite part of cheer is the bonds we create,” Grogman said. “I have made some of my best friends in this organization and it really is like a sisterhood. I enjoy getting to come to practice to do a sport I love with my friends. The thing I look forward to most about cheer is getting to perform with my teammates.”

Ultimately, performing at UIL is how the team displays everything they have been working towards. 

“UIL is something that we work for all season and after hours of practice, we have three minutes to leave it all on the mat,” Grogman said. “Those three minutes is what we work for all year. Those three minutes are what we look forward to for months. Hitting the floor with my best friends and having the crowd cheer us on with the lights shining on our faces, is one of the best feelings in the world.