New semester brings new changes to phone policy


With the new semester in session, new policies are being enforced in order to further improve students’ experiences at LTHS. One of these policies refers to cell-phone usage, the rule specifically states that when going to the restroom during class, in and out of the classroom, students must now leave their phones in the classroom before going to the restroom. 

Many students and teachers have different opinions about this new rule. Teachers play an important role in the cell phone policy, as they have to enforce this rule in the classroom. 

“The purpose of the cell phone policy was to stop photographs in the bathroom and prevent  hallway wandering,” Journalism teacher Lacey Gilmore said. “It’s been very efficient by stopping photographs in the bathroom, although it hasn’t been efficient on the frequent flyers as they plan with friends before to meet up.” 

Many students have opinions on the rule as well. 

“The rule was made for students that misuse the freedom, although students that aren’t doing anything wrong are also having to keep phones in class,” freshman Ira Tendulkar said. 

Students also believe that this rule is beneficial.

“I believe that it is both inevitable and a necessity because phones are an unneeded distraction, and risk for school integrity,” Pritika Kharkwal, a Freshman, said.

This policy is brand new to the school, and is a change for the new semester. It is meant for all students at LTHS, no matter what grade they are in.