Local namesake: How LTHS gained the Trail Blazer horse


Jordan Davis, Staff Reporter

For the past six years LTHS has marked its place in FISD and Texas as a whole. From scoring across the boards in academics to taking the sports world by storm, LTHS has had a long rich history, filled with triumph and growth. However, one story filled with rumor and suspicion has been that of the mascot, Trail Blazer. 

Cheering on sports games from the sidelines, Trail Blazer plays a pivotal part in LTHS excitement and success. Yet at one point, he almost did not exist. Yes, Lynx, the wild cat was once an option to be the LTHS mascot. 

“Do people even know what lynx are? We were always Trail Blazers,” Assistant Principal Kristina Pospick said. 

The students and community feeding into LTHS were able to vote on the namesake, and like many others, Pospick was hoping for the Trail Blazer to be a prestigious horse.

“I’m glad the Trail Blazers won,” Pospick said. “If we were Lebanon Lynx’s, that just doesn’t roll off the tongue.”

Considering LTHS gets the school name from the infamous cattle driving trail that crossed what is currently Lebanon, it also makes much more sense to have a horse or domesticated animal lead the way. 

“He’s cool,” freshman Nikhil Kotta said.

Yet somewhere along the way a rumor picked up, an embarrassing rumor of what the LTHS mascot has been: a leprechaun. 

“Leprechauns were never even an option,” Pospick said. 

While the rumor’s origins are unknown, it is most certainly not true as a leprechaun was not even an option on the voting ballot.

Whether on the field at a sports game or in the gym at a pep rally, the Trail Blazer excites crowd after crowd and finds his place onto LTHS merchandise from all corners.