Weekly editorial: Does class size matter?


Graphic Credit: Wu, Ethan January 25, 2022

Class sizes vary depending on the subject along with many other factors especially in this day and age due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Whether some students prefer large or small class sizes, class sizes affect a student’s success rate substantially, especially when they’re smaller.

The pandemic has taken a toll on the education system and it also has been causing a fluctuation in students’ attendance. Class sizes have been considerably reduced due to COVID outbreaks and schools across the nation have closed in-person learning and have been implementing virtual classes. This affects the learning of each student and could also affect the teacher’s lesson plans. Teachers may have to rearrange assignments due to many absences. In addition, many staff and students’ absences may cause different class periods to join together. 

Each student learns in different ways and having small class sizes allows a teacher to focus on each individual student’s needs. With more students, the ratio of teacher to student increases and the amount of time a student receives is impacted. Students have the ability to learn more when the ratio is smaller. This allows students to focus and lessens distractions in the classroom.

Class sizes are also important because they allow students to build connections easier and collaborate more effectively. With too many students, interactions may be limited because of time constraints and students might not be able to work with everyone in their class. If class sizes were smaller, students would have more opportunities to collaborate and create long-standing relationships.

People who argue that class sizes do not matter believe that the outcome remains the same no matter how many students are in a class, but having a limited number of students compared to a large number in a class allows more growth for students and increases their chances for performing better. 

We, Vanguard News, believe schools should implement class size limits if they have not done so already. These limits ensure the success of students and teachers alike in and out of the classroom. Class sizes make a big impact on a student’s education and having a balanced class size is an essential aspect of a student’s success.