Photo Essay: Winter Break


Skied in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

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  • Winter holiday is a time of family reunion. Activities such as outdoor barbecue can bring a sweet scent of food and the scent of family.

  • Drove around Irvine and got boba with my family at Sweet Boba Co in Fullerton.

  • Decorated a Christmas tree and celebrated the holidays with my cousins.

  • Staying cozy with some new books this winter break is a wonderful experience. With a large amount of free time, reading can help one enrich their mind and also provides one with a chance to experience another world of fantasy and stories.

  • The first day of sunshine in 2022 in Frisco.

  • Went on a road trip to beaches in Malibu, surrounded by lush green hills and a gust of wind.

  • Skied in Santa Fe, New Mexico.