Humans of LT— Heet Sanghavi


Youthful, fearless, and diverse Model UN participants raise their placards in a small room filled with nervousness and excitement. By raising their placards, they are able to reject or agree with their peer’s solution. As the clerk counted the votes of each solution against global challenges , the representatives were able to exercise their power and speak up for their corresponding countries. 

Out of the many participants, sophomore Heet Sanghavi looked exceptionally passionate  as he patiently waited for the judge’s speech. He was overjoyed as he was announced as the winner of the district conference. 

Sophomore Heet Sanghavi joined Model UN in his freshman year. He participated in the district Model UN regional conference in person as a representative of Saint Vincent and The Grenadines in HRC. In the conference, he put forth his opinion regarding the topic of abortion and increased access to reproductive healthcare for refugee women. 


“It was legal to get an abortion as long as there was physiological and physical harm to the woman,” Sanghavi said. “Women could get an abortion if they were raped or there was incest, [and] women were allowed to buy contraceptives to reduce the chances of getting pregnant.”


Due to his efforts and assertive solution towards critical global challenges , Sanghavi was able to take home the honor of best delegate from the district conference without a doubt. 


“I won best delegate (1st place) in my committee for my participation and my work in the committee to make sure all refugee women get access to reproductive healthcare.” Sanghavi said.


Despite his wonderful performance, Sanghavi said that he was still surprised when receiving the award since he has only been participating online for the past year. 


“I … just wanted to get experience as I did MUN last year but it was online and this was my first in-person conference and I could learn from experienced delegates in my committee.” Sanghavi said. 


Model UN might seem to be solely a competition for honor and awards gained from hardworking, however Sanghavi believes that Model UN is also an experience for him to discuss issues with other students and make life-long friends that he cherishes.