Students reflect on their memorable Winter Break


Fernando Fernandez, Lead Staff

Winter Break has recently ended, and many students feel a sense of resentment as a new semester approaches, leaving 17 weeks left of school left. Students are reflecting on their recent memories of Winter Break as they begin the second semester.

“The thing I enjoyed most about winter break was hanging out with my two friends on New Year’s Eve,” sophomore Ace Aguirre said. “We came over to one of their houses and spent the whole day watching movies and YouTube. Then we stayed up until 3 a.m. and the next morning we played video games together.”

Winter Break offers plenty of opportunities for students to experience the freedom of time management. Since most had access to their entire day, they used their free time to do things that they, normally, never would have time to do.

“My favorite memory during Winter Break was when I visited Grand Saline to visit my grandparents,” sophomore Murphie Mirikie said. “I enjoyed spending time with my family members. I also got together with some friends over the break for a game we like to play monthly.”

Not only did students gain satisfaction from spending time with the ones they cherished, many also fulfilled their academic goals in order to prepare for the upcoming semester.

“All I mostly did was study for ACT during winter break, it was fun,” junior Sruti Kalluri said. “I also went to Austin and met my relatives there, but unfortunately had to keep studying. It’s important that I do well, as my life depends on it.”

Though Winter Break is often known as a holiday filled with benefits, some students still faced certain challenges and dilemmas regarding health and mental well-being.

“Near the end of the break, I got sick, which fortunately wasn’t COVID-19,” sophomore Cici Tran said. “The awful part of the sickness was that I had planned to have a movie night with one of my friends that I had to cancel. Another part that really annoyed me was that it was 80 degrees on Christmas during the break.”

Even through unfortunate conflicts, which occurred during this holiday season, Winter Break still remains a special experience, due to unique situations. In the midst of the pandemic, people have reflected on their past year, and are hoping for a greater beginning.

“One of my goals for the new semester was to become more organized,” freshman Naia Jackson said. “I wasn’t resentful of the break ending, because I was excited for school to begin because it gives you something to work towards.”