Students reflect on their first semester of the 2021-22 school year


With only a few weeks left, 2021 is almost coming to a close. Students at LTHS are working their way through the last week before the winter break. At the same time, students are reflecting on their experience during the first semester of the school year.

Many freshmen are able to experience school in person after a year of uncertainty.

“This is all my first time in high school so it’s been a very unique experience compared to my other grades,” freshman Neureka Kundu said. “Overall, it’s been exciting meeting new people and trying out new things.”

Many students previously were virtual, so attending face to face was completely different.

“We just came back from quarantine and virtual learning so I had to get used to the face to face environment again,” Kundu said.

Many sophomores also have previously done a year of virtual school.

“I was virtual during the first year of high school and I thought it was busy because I stayed after school for extracurricular activities, specifically theater and orchestra,” sophomore Cecilia Tran said. 

With winter break around the corner, the orchestra recently had their winter concert, and various groups performed holiday music for the audience. 

“The orchestra concert was really fun,” Tran said. “I’m in the Symphonic orchestra, and I play the cello. We played ‘All I want for Christmas’ with the Chamber orchestra.”

Juniors, on the other hand, are going through their second to last year of high school and have to focus on their studies.

“It’s sort of hard, because coming back from hybrid taking in person classes is hard, and I’d like to pick up my pace and increase my grades,” junior Sruti Kalluri said.

Many students note that perseverance is key to completing this semester.

“I took harder classes this year and I’m working harder to get the grades I want,” Kalluri said. “I moved from Colorado, so I have to catch up and understand things. I want to get a good SAT score and solid GPA.”

The end of the semester is approaching, and students are already looking forward to the new semester. 

“I’m looking forward to getting better grades and participating in the DECA competition next semester,” Kalluri said.