LTHS Stockyard: Home to School Supplies, merchandise, and much more for students


The LTHS Stockyard during operating hours, Mega Lunch on December 1st, 2021.

The lights flicker on during Mega Lunch at the small, but important space on the right of the first B hall. The LTHS Stockyard comes to life as students file in, grabbing a snack or some merchandise to showcase their school spirit. 

Sophomore Mahika Bansal, who has purchased several items from the Stockyard, describes the appeal of the school store.

”They sell different things from [what] the cafeteria sells, the cafeteria sells stuff that not a lot of kids like, it’s organic,” Bansal said. “So I think the school store sells a lot of various [items] like Dr. Pepper, Coke, and more popular, common stuff that people will actually buy, especially kids our age.”

Freshman Natalia Enriquez, who has also bought supplies from the Stockyard, talks about the benefit of having a school store and how having one adds a unique quality to the school. 

“I think it’s very convenient because not a lot of schools have [a school store], and you can get a lot of stuff [snacks and supplies],” Enriquez said. 

Senior Yee Hong Pua explains how he was able to start working at the LT Stockyard by being involved in the business club DECA. 

“The school store is run by DECA, which is the business club we have at school and right now, it’s run by the officers,” Pua said. “We have eight officers and we work shifts, but right now we’re opening up store shifts to all DECA members, so as long as you join DECA you have an opportunity to work.”

Pua shares the invaluable lesson he’s learned from working at the LTHS Stockyard, and he also discusses how working at the store prepares and trains him for the future.

”I think getting the retail experience, and getting real job experience while still being in school and not having to go to a different location is really beneficial,” Pua said.  “It’s a beneficial experience especially when it comes to college applications. Having real job experience is a good thing to have.”