Humans of LT – Mr. Rankin


Jordan Davis , Staff Reporter

Traveling the world while managing your classes is no easy task, yet it can be rewarding for Kevin Rankin, a French teacher at LTHS.


From the high, rough mountains of the Alps to the grounded, symmetrical classrooms found in typical American high schools, cultures and climates contrast across the world. Similarly, teachers here at LTHS all have different teaching methods and styles.


Rankin has been developing his classroom abilities over the years he’s spent teaching. One thing he enjoys is talking and getting to know his students.


“I like to have a lot of great conversations with my students,” Rankin said. “The relationships with my students once I figured that out were a lot more enjoyable, and I enjoyed it a lot more.”


Between his educational career, Rankin also juggles his extensive travels abroad, including to his country of origin, Switzerland, which he is returning to over break for family reasons.


When asked where he’s traveled to, Rankin said, “I’ve travelled most of Europe, France, Greece, Iceland, Canada, and even Mexico.”


Learning a thing or two over his years of teaching, Mr. Rankin has developed his own unique teaching style. He understands the struggles high schoolers face too.


“I’m more laid back. I’m strict but fair. I had five kids in high school at the same time, so I get it” Rankin said.