Floral Design Creates Wrist Mums for Homecoming

Vaishnavi Josvula, Staff

As the season for football games, dances, and the Texas-tradition of mums and garters approaches, the Floral Design class at LTHS prepares to make mum corsages and mum rings, Floral Design teacher Sarah Kennedy said via email. 

“We do learn the history behind the homecoming mums, and we also discuss the way they are different (in sizes and styles) throughout the state,” Kennedy said. 

Kennedy explained that the students start from the top by making loops behind the flower and work their way towards the bottom of the mum. They then add a metallic ribbon, designs such as footballs and helmets, and trinkets like bells and megaphones, she added. 

“My mum consisted of different types of green and gold ribbon,” Senior Madhu Joshi said in an email. “It was especially fun to work with different textures and widths as it brought some depth to the design as a whole…. I added a gold football and a gold bell to my mum which really added some character to it.”