Humans of LT – Leah Mccally


Ava Bronstad, Lead Staff

Being the starring role for a show like Macbeth can be hard work, especially for Junior Leah Mccally, the actor behind the guilt-ridden character known as Macbeth.

“It’s a little stressful and there’s a lot of work put into the role,” Mccally said. “Yet, it’s all worth it in the end because I’m able to discover new things about my character and make new connections with my cast and scene partners.”

Mccally has been in many different productions before Macbeth, so she knew how much work she would have to put in if she got a lead role. While it can be a big stress for her, Mccally is easily able to find the benefits, like her cast and the overall experience, in playing the character. 

“Some challenges have been sitting down every night to learn more lines each day and doing a whole bunch of character work,” Mccally said. 

In every show, there are going to be challenges along the way, ranging from learning loads of lines and blocking, to being able to understand your characters and their relationships with others. While taking on the role she has, Mccally has been able to deal with every challenge, while also working with her directors, that has come her way.

“I’m constantly able to be on stage and be doing what I love,” Mccally said. “I’m able to have scenes with almost everyone in the show which is really fun because I constantly get to meet new people.” 

There are many upsides to being in a show as well, particularly Mccally states how being in the show has given her the opportunity to regularly meet new people and be able to work with each individual in different ways. 

Lastly, Mccally gives some advice about her experience for future theatre students:

“Organization, consistency, and positivity! I find that staying in a good mental space and surrounding yourself with supportive people helps a lot,¨ Mccally said. ¨Keeping yourself on track and honestly just knowing everything you can handle is the best way to succeed! Good luck!”