Comparing In-Person Schooling at LTHS between Two Semesters


Katy Zhang, Editor

As the school year began, students returned from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic facing diverse challenges. Out of all of them, the changes between learning environments caused many students to evaluate the pros and cons of their own school experiences over the past semesters. 

Over the past weeks, many students that have previously attended in person school during the pandemic voiced their opinion to Vanguard news regarding the pros and cons between in-person school this semester and the past semester.  

Senior Kay Shin Pua said that the biggest advantage between in-person school and online classes during the 2020-2021 school year is the connections she made between peers and teachers. 

“Because the number of students was much smaller, I felt like I was better able to connect with teachers, meet new classmates that I probably never would have in a regular school year, and really build that relationship I had with my peers,” Pua said. 

Nevertheless, Pua said that the flexibility she had in class last year was able to make her feel at ease, but when compared to the 2021-2022 school year so far,  Pua still leans towards in-person learning this semester. 

There was much flexibility in terms of schoolwork and restrictions,” Pua said. “[But] of the two, I am leaning towards liking this year’s school environment more than the last.” 

Sophomore Beatrice Levin is another student that started her high school career during the pandemic, and she said that the difference of interactions between the two influenced her learning in different ways. 

“Last year, the use of paper was restrained, and I’ve always learnt information better through paper rather than my computer,” Levin said. “Therefore I’m really glad that so far this year I can more frequently take my notes and quizzes via paper and tangible copies.” 

On the other hand, Pua also voiced her concern regarding the inevitable separation between the student body caused by the large number of students in school this year. 

Since the number of people was so small last year, it was inevitable to get to know everyone that was around you,” Pua said. “ However, this year I can definitely sense a sort of separation or cliques around school which I would love to see change. “ 

When both students were asked about things to be expected during the 2021-2022 school year, interaction with friends and upcoming events that can bond the entire community together were mentioned. 

“My favorite part about in-person school last year was the new and stronger connections I was able to build last year, along with the flexibility and less restrictions,” Pua said, “[However] as for school this year so far, my favorite part would be being able to hang out with my old friends again and doing school activities such as the senior events, games, and the upcoming homecoming.”