The Life of a Drama Student Teacher


From improving others into becoming spot on actors, to understanding and learning new ways to teach theatre, Jackson Lee has it all down. Mr Lee is a student teacher for the drama department and has been coming to our school to help teach and learn new things from the beginning of the school year to now. He soon will be leaving to find and pursue a job as a theatre teacher, though he will be missed very much.

“Having Mr Lee as a student teacher is really fun, he’s nice sometimes, and always really helpful,” freshman Emma Anderson said. 

Mr Lee has been in the acting business for a long time. He hadn’t always had a fondness for it until he saw the people around him being confident in what they were doing. He started to be in shows and performances that boosted his confidence too. With that goal and mindset he has been trying to accomplish being a good role model for students and an excellent teacher. 

“I originally took theatre as an elective, but I met a lot of people who weren’t afraid of expressing themselves and it helped me become more confident in myself,” Lee said. 

He soon after, realized he wanted to pursue a life as a theatre teacher. After having a bad experience with one of his teachers, it put him in a mindset of “I have to show others what a real teacher looks like.” With that, he went into school to become a teacher.

“My high school theatre education was non-existent, and after a bad experience with a tech director, I was motivated to teach so I could be a better role model of what a teacher is supposed to be,” Lee said. 

Mr Lee is now a student teacher at our high school. He has been working with several different students and teachers in order to show his leadership and skills with the people around him. He has had many good opportunities while becoming a teacher like learning new ways to teach and getting others opinions on how he works with others. 

“The great thing about being a student teacher is that I can teach classes while still getting advice and suggestions whenever I need it,” Lee said.  

Many students enjoy working and learning with Mr Lee as well. They are given the opportunity to work with someone besides the theatre director and get different perspectives on their acting.While having a new teacher, they also have a new inspiration and someone who helps them get through the day with a smile on their face. 

“Working with Mr Lee is so fun. We always get so much done and learn a lot while having a blast. Between making jokes, relating acting techniques to real life situations and the bond we have created with Mr Lee. It is a class I can look forward to,” freshman Alexa Sherman said.

The students also view him as a goofy and person they can relate to. With this being said, they always enjoy having him in their class and having him teach. He affects the way the students act and even causes them to look forward to class. Freshman Theatre II student Leia Machado had a lot to say about Mr Lee, even saying he was one of the best teachers she has ever had.

“He is so amazing at teaching the class while being fun and making sure (everyone) is doing what they need to,” Machado said. “He inspires me to be confident and be myself.” 

Mr Lee has been in many plays throughout his life but one performance of “Almost, Maine” stood out to him the most. “Almost, Maine” is a play by John Cariani and consists of nine short plays that explore love and loss in a remote mythical city called, Almost, Maine. Mr Lee had an experience during one of his showings of the play and it stood out to him, making him proud of his acting skills. 

“My best moment on stage was when I performed in Almost, Maine,” Lee said. “My scene partner was supposed to hit my shoulder with an ironing board, close to the head that it would look like it hit my head, but she accidentally hit my head with full force and I was supposed to not feel any pain. Somehow, I didn’t show any pain on my face and I felt proud of myself for that.”

Unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Mr Lee has now finished his student teacher days and is going on to be a full on theatre teacher. This means he will be leaving this school and trying to find a job. When asked what it was like having Mr Lee as a student teacher, freshman theatre student Allison Crowe described her time with Mr Lee to be full of adventure and experience.

“Mr Lee was so fun because he was always on top of his stuff, he made us laugh, and held us accountable, while being 100 percent relatable and understanding,” Crowe said. 

On more of the bright side, he will now be listed as a sub for when the theatre director is out. Until then, many of the students will miss him and appreciated his time while he was here. 

“Thank you for helping with my transition into high school and being a teacher who adds some fun into a stressful high school day,” Sherman said. “I’m going to miss having you for class every other day, but I know wherever you teach, they will be so lucky to have you.”