Very Proudly from Mexico


Sophia Pinto Guilarte, Contributor

Junior Verenice Ponce is a shy and quiet person, but even if it doesn’t seem like it, she is one of the funniest and the proudest Mexican people that you will ever meet. 

As she describes herself, Verenice is a funny, cool, passionate, and of course, a very proudly Mexican girl who has big dreams and positive energies all the time. Right now, for these holidays, she is having a great vacation and visiting her family in Mexico. She also has an enormous passion for fashion, sports, dance, and Mexican food. 

On top of that, Verenice was born in Mexico, she came here to the U.S. less than three years ago. Also, she loves to say where she is from with a lot of pride. 

“I’m known for saying that “I’m proudly Mexican”,” Verenice said. “ I’m known for being myself no matter what others think about me… some even call me ridiculous for wearing boots, shirts and makeup that emphasize I’m from Mexico.”

Verenice wants to be in college after graduation to become a teacher in the future. After graduation, she plans to go to Collin College, then transfer to a university for the last 2 years to save money and time, and lastly, transfer to get her degree and her teaching diploma. 

“I want to be a teacher because I want to change my students life’s,” Verenice said. “I want them to have someone they can talk to because we all know that’s hard sometimes to find someone that will try to help instead of judging.”

Junior year for Verenice is going well, even with COVID-19 happening, she is very thankful for all the great moments that have happened to her because of the coronavirus. 

“I like things not going the way I wanted them or expected them because I have learned a lot! ,” Verenice said. “ And I have found love, I have met awesome people that I regret not meeting before, but everything happens for a reason… right…?”

Her senior year is also getting closer and even though she is still not sure about what is going to happen next year, she already has some plans she wants to accomplish before she graduates high school. 

“My plans for senior year are to try to give a legacy, do all I was scared of the past 3 years, join clubs, speak, participate and most importantly enjoy every single day,” Verenice said. “Only God knows what is going to happen so I worry about today, I live most of my days as if they were the last one, I try to give 100% every day to everyone.” 

Verenice has been playing softball for two years in her high school. She has a big passion for baseball too. 

“I mean I have a huge passion for baseball,” Verenice Ponce said. “I personally think that baseball is more than a sport is a lifestyle.” 

Verenice is mostly known for being herself always and trying new things. She likes to change her style a lot!

“In a world where everyone wants to fit in, I’m just myself everyday, I wear different clothes, styles, colors, hair styles (or at least I try that one)” Verenice said. “I am VERENICE PONCE SANCHEZ and no one will ever change that.” 

Verenice is a very grateful person, she feels happy with being herself and she wants to still be able to be happy in the future. She wants to show everyone how beautiful is life and to always be grateful for what you have. 

“Not everyday is a good day but there’s always good on every day,” Verenice said. “Life isn’t color pink but you can choose which color you want it to be.”