A Model Trail Blazer


Fernanda Valle, Editor-in-Chief

High school is a period of time in a teenager’s life when one has endless opportunities to expand their interests and become a person who can help society for the better. Lebanon Trail’s junior Isabella Grogman is doing exactly that, with exceptional abilities. With a constant compassionate and dedicated attitude, Grogman is a model student, and even more so, a model Trailblazer.

Grogman is a perfect example of a student who is involved in as much as she can. Being in multiple extracurriculars, Grogman takes the opportunity to broaden her knowledge and lend her abilities anywhere she is needed. She is a varsity cheerleader, National Honor Society member, Student Council Member, Yearbook Staff, and her extracurriculars do not even end here. 

Grogman is even a founding member and the first president of the Principal Advisory Committee, one sponsored by LT’s own principal Mr. Jacob Duce. Grogman said through the Principal Advisory Committee, she and fellow members strive to be a voice between students and staff at LT. 

While Grogman said she loves all the activities she is involved in, her favorite activities are her participation in cheerleading and in the Junior Frisco Woman Leagues. 

“I have taken a part in cheerleading since 7th grade, and I enjoy getting to cheer on our teams at school and competing in January,” she said. “Junior Frisco Woman Leagues involves girls from different high school campuses to meet different people, and I love it because it is very unique. It has provided me with the opportunity to participate in many fun service activities.” 

Her extracurricular activities display her love for various areas of interests, but her involvement in the community aside from Lebanon Trail truly demonstrates her warm and welcoming character. 

Typically, LT students are encouraged to complete 100 service hours by the end of their high school education. Grogman completes over a 100 each year. 

“I have always volunteered. Ever since I was little, I would volunteer every winter break and during the summers,” she said. “I love to help people, and volunteering gives me an opportunity to do so.”

Rightfully so, with her exceptional volunteer involvement, she was awarded the City of Frisco’s Teen Volunteer of the Year for 2019, and she considers it her most proudest accomplishment in high school so far. 

And while Grogman has a seemingly busy schedule in maintaining involvement and positivity in everything she takes part in, she still finds time to make an appearance in one of America’s most classic game shows. 

Being aired on television since 1972, Price is Right is America’s longest running TV show, and in addition to her already impressive resume, Grogman can state she won a car on one of America’s most beloved daytime shows. 

“I have been watching the show since I was 5 years old and always used to joke about how one day I would be on that show,” she said. “My mom entered a contest to be a part of the high school edition of the show, we were shocked when we got an email we had tickets to the show! My family and I were beyond shocked and excited to hear the famous “come on down” voice say my name! Being on the show was so much fun.”

It seems Grogman’s high school experience has been a constant adventure of fun and excitement, and she states she has high hopes for her senior year as well. She said she has grown in many different ways since her freshman year, and has enjoyed making new friends over the years. Already an upperclassmen, she is close to graduating high school next year. She believes there is still more things to come until she graduates but reminds herself and those around her to treasure everything while it’s still here. 

“Don’t let the stress get to you.” Grogman said. “High school is hard, friendships change, there’s a lot of stress, but there is also so much positivity. You get to meet so many new people, experience new things, and have so much fun. Go to a football game, a theater performance, a band concert, join a club. Do as much as you can while you are here because before you know it, it will almost be over. “