Virtual Learning vs. Face-to-Face

Yujin Roh, Contributor

    Because of the pandemic, students have either chosen to learn virtual or face-to-face. For virtual, students stay home and meet at Zoom. However, for face-to-face, students meet up in classrooms but have to stay six-feet apart, wear a mask, and the teachers have to clean the desks at the end. 


    Madeline Farrell, also known as Maddie, is a freshman with dark hair and is usually shown wearing goth-styled clothing. Madeline explained that she preferred to learn face-to-face because she has her friends besides and and learning inside school helps with her schoolwork. 


    “In in-person school, I have my friends and I’m learning more efficiently.” Madeline said, “It also keeps me on a good schedule.”


   Anthony Ruiz is a freshman with curly brown hair and brown eyes, and is very average height. Anthony said that face-to-face actually has an effect to learn something while visual doesn’t have that affect. 


    “In face-to-face, you get to actually learn something without cheating,” Anthony saidm “and it isn’t just an easy 100 to get.”


    Kaitlyn Forno is a freshman with short hair and clear-colored glasses. Kaitlyn usually wears dark-styled clothing over pastel colors. Kaitlyn said she prefers being in face-to-face learning because being with the other students feels less lonely during these hard times.


    “I think face-to-face is a better option because you get to connect with people safely,” Kaitlyn explained,  “and it makes you feel like you’re not living this time alone.”


    Madeline went on to explain that she doesn’t like learning virtually, because it impacted her mental health in a negative way. Because of this, she had no motivation in completing her work.


    “Personally, online school really negatively impacted my mental health,” Madeline said, “as I have no motivation to complete my work.”


   Anthony explained that virtual is easier, but you can easily cheat and get an easy 100. Because of that, you wouldn’t learn anything.


    “If we were talking about easier, I’d pick virtual.” Anthony said, “But you can get just cheat and get an easy 100, so you really wouldn’t be learning anything.”


 Kaitlyn said that she the reason she preferred face-to-face is because when online learning in a virtual classroom, there are a lot of lagging and internet issues involved along with a lack of communication. 


    “I think virtual is worse,” Kaitlyn answered, “because you have to deal with internet issues, lagging, and the lack of communication.”