RBG: the Past,the Future and What We Should Remember


Katy Zhang, Editor

On September 18, 2020 supreme judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg passed away at the age of 87. Throughout her life she contributed many to the society’s progress and law enforcement by being an social activist and feminist.

Aside from being the second female judge serving in the supreme court she also committed others actions as well introduced by history teacher Alexandra Macgrandle . 

“Because of her work women are able to sign a mortgage or create a bank account without a male co-signer,” Mrs.Macgrandle said. “In the workplace, employers cannot discriminate against women for their gender or due to pregnancy. State funded schools cannot bar women from attendance, and juries must include women as well as men.” 

These actions did indeed create a great impact on the community, and it also affected the future generations as well, just as junior Camden Colquhoun.

“As a woman, RBG’s actions against sex-discrimination will impact me positively later in life, with my career (more equal pay), as well as with other areas such as education and marriage rights.” Camden Colquhoun said.

   Additionally Camden also said that she learnt many from judge Ginsburg as well. 

 “I have learned from Ginsburg to always stand up in the face of oppression, even if it may seem impossible,” Colquohoun said. “ Especially being a woman, standing up for and not accepting discrimination based on sex is something that she has advocated to me.” 

Not only did her actions among the social reform affect society, Judge Ginsburg had always had a close connection with youth with her views and ideals as well. For instance Sophomore Akshitha Vankataramen said that Ginsburg empowered her as she overcame difficulties in her own life as well. 

“ I choose to remain in the fact that I should stay determined and not lose track or sight of my bigger goals in life as a result of unfair or insignificant problems.” Venkataraman said. 

Nevertheless, what RBG has done has also instilled many inspiring properties in youth of the future generation by giving everyone confidence and an ideal of persistence. 

In conclusion, as Mrs.Macgrandle said that the passing of  Ginsburg influenced people in the new generation in several different ways. Both her relentless determination to fight for her cause and her empathy towards others all empowered the youth of the new generation. 

“ Although many of her decisions affected women, she wasn’t just an advocate for women,” Mrs.Macgrandle said.” She truly was an advocate for equality in society as a whole.”