What A Ride – Class of 2020


Srihan Somepalli, Sports Editor

This is the end of a road. An end for something we as a class have worked hard for all our years of high school. On April 17, Governor of Texas Greg Abbott officially announced the closing of schools for this semester.

Although the class of 2020 as seniors were not able to experience the traditional, end of year senior festivities, I look back at our time of high schoolers as an impactful experience. Here at Lebanon Trail, we were challenged to start all our organizations from the ground up and we rose beyond expectations. As a class, we successfully recruited hundreds of students to activities from HOSA to football. We produced national winners and won recognition as some of the most successful teams in the state, whether it was BPA or volleyball.

In tough times like these, it can be hard to reconcile the impact we as a class had on our other grades. But looking back, we did more than just do our part, we raised expectations of what a high school can look like, and to do that in four years is no small feat. So to all my fellow seniors, be prideful and keep leading others the way you have here at Lebanon Trail HS.