Some Light in the Midst of Darkness


Fernanda Valle, Editor-in-Chief

By definition, social distancing and quarantining ourselves essentially means we are unable to leave the house and we can only stay with the people that we’re living with (which is probably your family).


Everyone has days where they are homebodies, those days when they want to stay at home and binge watch their favorite show on netflix, cook and bake every meal, or even just to relax in bed and take a break from their busy and chaotic life. 


But now that we are being forced to stay indoors, everyone desires to be outside more than ever, so that might explain why you see so many people taking walks outside. 


Yes, there are many articles saying that staying at home isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. That we should take advantage of this opportunity to be lazy because it will probably never come again.


However, we should also take advantage and take those daily walks as much as we can. I mean, when it’s nice, breezy, and sunny, it can’t be too hard.  


If your mom is anything like mine, I bet you are being forced to go on daily walks, go on a bike ride, take the dog out, and basically do anything you can outside. 


And yes it might seem a bit excessive, but going outside is essential and extremely healthy for not just our bodies, but for our mental health as well. 


As much as you might want to be lazy and do nothing, you can do it walking too. Walk with some music in your ears, walk with your mom, your dad, or even a sibling.


Your vitamin D levels will rise, because as you might have noticed, the weather has been beautiful lately. 


Being outside can help you focus. I am a person who is constantly thinking about something I have to do, and going on walks helps me to clear my mind, look at nature, and take in sights that I would have never appreciated if everything was normal. 


More importantly, you’ll feel happier. There has been a study done by Harvard University saying that light makes people happy, and there’s obviously more light outside than in. 


And if walking bores you, read a book outside, go for a run, walk the dog, bike! There’s so many things you can do in the sun, and it’d be a shame to not take advantage of this nice weather. 


But as always, remember that being outside is still fun when you’re six feet apart!