Chocolate Chip Cookies That are Good for the Soul


Fernanda Valle, Editor

I know that self isolation is extremely boring sometimes. 

Sure, we have school work to do, but I know that everyone either procrastinates, or does it all as fast as they can, and there’s no inbetween. 

Which is why I think this is the perfect time to make some amazing chocolate chip cookies.

Now, personally, I have a sweet tooth, so I look forward to any easy sweets I can make, and quarantine has definitely allowed myself to take advantage of all of this free time. 

I have attached below the original nestle chocolate chip cookie recipe that beats all the others, in case you have some time to spare and a craving for some sweets. (Also, if you want a new show to watch and see some amazing desserts, I definitely recommend watching the Great British Baking Show!)


Nestle toll house chocolate chip cookie recipe was told to double ...