Social Distancing: 6 Feet At a Time

Fernanda Valle, Editor-in-Chief

The “Roaring ’20s” has not begun like people have wanted it to. With the coronavirus (COVID-19) on every continent, this year has consisted of mass chaos, and unfortunately over 70,000 deaths.


What the world needs now more than ever is for the ignorance of people to diminish, and for those to take into account what their carelessness is doing to others less fortunate than them. By this I mean social distancing.


With so many people being infected every single day, the most we could do as a society is to take little precautions so that we can help the doctors, nurses, and so many more to protect them, as well as ourselves, from being possibly infected. 


All we have to do is stay indoors. It’s not asking for much; just simply avoid going to places unless absolutely necessary, like the grocery store. (You don’t even have to do that because you can order groceries online!) 


Yet despite this, I am consistently seeing people hanging out with their friends going to each other’s houses, going to Chick fil a to get a chicken sandwich, or even hanging out at a park. 


This is what I mean by unnecessary means. It’s selfish to do these things because there are those who will truly be affected by this. No one is truly realizing how easily germs are being spread, and they think “this is not affecting me, so I don’t have to do social distancing”.


Even if COVID-19 will not affect you as much as those who have weak immune systems, you can be a carrier and pass it to other people without even knowing.


Even if it wasn’t COVID-19, no one willingly wants to get sick. No one wants to have a cold, the flu, and even less COVID-19.


So all they ask of us is to stay home so we can help flatten the curve. Even if it means being bored for a little bit, it’s much better than infecting other people. 


And so, staying at home does bring some positives. You can binge some of your favorite TV shows and movies (I personally recommend The Good Place, or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), you can bake some cookies or eat some ice cream, and even get some school work done.


Moreover, take advantage of being asked to stay home because we all know we could use some rest during these times.