Living in History

Kaushiki Roy, Editor

Last night, I video-chatted with five of my friends for almost two hours. Within those two hours, we talked, laughed, played games and had the most fun. When we said our goodbyes and I cut the call, I realized that it would be a long time before I would see any of them in person again. Needless to say, it was one of the only highlights of the last few days. 

The COVID-19 or Coronavirus spread in China last November. It spread around the world and got to the United States about a month ago. But within the last week, we’ve realized the magnitude of the virus. Schools, offices, stores all closed. Countries on lockdown. Everything feels empty now. 

As a high school senior, we might be taking it a little harder than others. At LT, for the last three and a half years, we were taught to lead by example and we became the poster class only to have the potential best months of our youths taken away from us. Prom, senior trips, maybe even graduation, all gone.

It isn’t the fact that we’re missing school that bothers us, but the fact that we don’t get to share our experiences with our friends.

We only get to sit at home and watch the news as the virus spreads wider, killing any and all chances of normality for us this year. 

But maybe, after all of this is over, we’ll understand that nothing should be taken for granted. Spending the precious moments at our lunch table together won’t be just another day for us anymore. 

“I think that all we can do now is wait and watch because we are living through an important historical phase. We don’t know what’s coming next,” Senior Sai Vaddi said.