A Spring Break in Frisco


Kaushiki Roy, Editor

The clock ticks slower than usual. Ten minutes, five minutes, three, two, the last minute passes by in agony before the 4:15 bell rings. Whatever the teacher was trying to explain is forgotten in the midst of the whole student body rushing out of the doors. It’s officially Spring Break.

This year’s spring break officially begins on March 9. A prime time to travel, many families are going out of town, maybe even out of country to relax for a week before students are faced with a myriad of tests and final exams.

But not everyone is traveling out of town during the break. For all those who will be spending their spring breaks in Frisco, here are some local activities to engage instead of binging a Netflix show for the whole week. 

One way to kill time is by eating. Some new, trendy places to try out include: Kona Reserve Coffee, an aesthetically pleasing cafe that serves hand-dripped coffee, gelato and a variety of sushi; 85 Degrees Bakery, and asian bakery and cafe specializing in boba drinks as well as international desserts and pastries; and Fiiz, a soda shop serving thousands of different kinds of sodas according to the customer’s wishes.

“I’d been wanting to try Fiiz for a long time and when I did, I was overwhelmed by the amount of choices I had,” Senior Amrutha Susarla said.

Other than trying out new food places, students can also visit the local Kidzania, a faux city designed for kids and adults of all ages. With a $10 admission fee, Kidzania offers many activities, mostly designed for kids, including “real” stores, universities and an actual 7/11 store. 

“I just started working at Kidzania a few weeks ago and it is so fun to see so many kids as well as teenagers coming in,” Senior Ekaansh Kalra said. 

Last, a non-expendable way to spend this spring is to find an aesthetic place and take pictures, maybe for fun or, in the seniors’ cases, for graduation cards. Some picturesque spots include the Frisco Central Park, Dallas Arboretum and Mckinney Adriatica Village. 

“I went to the Adriatica Village with my friends to take their senior pictures and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. It also helped that the day was sunny,” Senior Saam Shahendeh said. 

So, even without flying to New York or London, this Spring Break can be entertaining in different, local ways.