Valentine’s Day

Jaya v Rajamanickam, Editor

As Valentine’s day approaches, More people are buying experiences to enjoy together with their loved ones. 

“It was a traditional day back in the Ancient Roman times to pair women with men, but today it is a day where people feel is that one day when you can express your love for one. In my point of view, love is a feeling that doesn’t need to express on Valentine’s, love should be expressed every day; Love doesn’t need to be shown, you just need to know that one loves you!” Junior, Sanjana Prashanth said.


Everyone agreed that love can’t be explained in words and can only be felt.

 “Love is a beautiful feeling, It can only be experienced not explained.” Sophomore Yatin Chintala said.


“I feel so much loved when my friend makes me  feel worthy of something.” Senior Suvidh Joshi said.


“ My fictional Valentine is Ricky Bowen from Hsmtmts played by Joshua Bassett.” Sophomore Annika Joshi said.


“I like celebrating Valentine’s day as a reason to shop, but simultaneously I don’t prefer it because I believe in celebrating love every day.” Sanjana said.