The New Year begins

Jaya v Rajamanickam, Editor

 With the 2020 starting , many are setting new goals and establishing new routines for a healthier and happier year.   Students share advice on how to make their goals reality. 

 “ I suggest people to write down their 2020 resolutions and plan out everything to make it happen or achieve it,” senior Suha Salman said.


“ Have a lot of yearly goals and work for it to achieve them. The goals should be something that helps you to achieve your dream,” senior Dhriti Jain said. 


“ Go out  with your friends and family. Host a Get-Together with your family and relatives to have a fun and memorable reunion,” freshman Kripa Vinoth Gudi said.


“ Start everything fresh this year, no rolling over of anything from last year, ” sophomore Sravya Bhamidipati said.


“I love to work hard this year to achieve my academic dreams and also to have fun with my friends and family,”  Kripa said.