Is Homecoming Safe to Attend?


Fernando Fernandez, Staff

For the last two years, COVID-19 has been immensely persistent with infection with around 166,814 cases per day in the U.S according to The risks of increasing the cases may lie within the close interactions in homecoming. 

“Homecoming is a great tradition because of the people,” Sophomore Kyle Dynda said. “But it’s hard to avoid the potential risk of spreading COVID.”

Some people want to attend homecoming because of the experience with others, and also because of the amusement, which involves karaoke, food, and music. Celebrating the school and former students, as a festival, is quite fun for various people. 

“I’m glad that our school is allowing Homecoming, and that they’re letting us have the opportunity to enjoy it, even with COVID.” Freshmen Aleshka Contreras said. “Mandatory masks should be optional with homecoming because there’s going to be a lot of people.” [sic]

However, others would rather take safety precautions by staying home in order to reduce the risk of contamination for others, and themselves. Because of the lower severity of COVID-19, some people have decided to go mask-free, which raises more concerns.

“I don’t think homecoming is a good idea; there are too many people.” Freshmen Eleanore Cho said. “Most people don’t wear masks, especially with there being COVID. I hope most people stay home.”

Even with all the stress within a dreadful pandemic, the Student Council has been diligent with preparing homecoming. They hope to make every single year the most enjoyable as it’s always the first or last Homecoming for someone.

“Our goal for homecoming was for it to be as fun as possible.” Senior Isabella Grogman, President of the Student Council, said “We wanted to make the best possible homecoming every year because we wanted to make every last homecoming for seniors, the best one.”

While some dwell on the awful outcomes that COVID-19 can bring, others decide to think of the positive outcomes that come from homecoming. English teacher Sandra Landers is optimistic about homecoming. She hopes that the student socialization with others will go well, even during a devastating pandemic.  

“I want kids to enjoy the normal rights of collaboration, to encourage each other to achieve milestones, to experience the excitement that this school has to offer.” She said, “Having fun with friends, celebrating school, wearing awesome outfits, what are reasons not to attend homecoming?”

An enchanted forest-themed homecoming begins on Saturday, the 25th, from eight p.m to eleven p.m. before the deadline, you can pay 15 dollars online or 20 dollars at the school door.