Mock Trial

Kelsey Burdick, Website Designer

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Mock Trial is an academic competition where students simulate a court trial. The team is run by Mr. Ben Ewald at the CTE center, and is in the same vein as AcDec and Debate.


Students tryout in October to form teams consisting of three Attorneys, six Witnesses, and a Timekeeper. Teams learn about a case, and develop strategies to face off against other teams supporting the opposing argument, though students represent both sides. Cases differ each year, and can be either civil or criminal. The Mock Trial team competes against other teams in North Texas to go to regionals and nationals. This region is one of the largest and most competitive in the state.


Last year there were 179 schools across 64 districts and 27 private schools that competed, totaling over 1,800 students from across the state. These students met with attorneys from around the state through team advisors, competition judges, and mentors. Last year alone over 850 attorneys worked with students in the competition program.


“Mock Trial helps students find their most confident selves,” says Mr. Ewald. “Not only because of the speaking and character development required, but for the development of critical thinking, individual and team problem solving skills, and the time commitment needed to build a winning team.”