Drive on into Spring Break

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Drive on into Spring Break

Zachary Widner, Executive Producer

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In approximately 50 hours, the Lebanon Trail High School student body along with the rest of the Frisco ISD students will officially be on Spring Break. Many students utilize spring break in order to take a break from stressful classes and assignments. The sweet 216 hours in which students are care-free and can act like teenagers.

However, how many Lebanon Trail students will actually do something over break?

Nowadays, a majority of teenagers and students spend their free-time on Instagram and Snapchat or playing games like Fortnite and Overwatch.

Well, do I have a solution for all of you! Five words: Go on a road trip.

There is so much charm that comes with a long road trip to any random location. The longer the drive, the better!

Think about this: Sitting in the backseat of your parent’s motor vehicle as you peacefully cruise down the 121 highway to any undisclosed location.

A road trip is relaxing and gives you time to think. You can watch that new movie that you downloaded but have not gotten to watching yet. You can read that new book that has been collecting dust on your desk. You can spend all of the time listening to whatever form of music you enjoy.

As a theatre kid who adores broadway musicals, I absolutely love road trips where I can simply sit in the back of my mother’s car and listen to my 16 hour long Broadway playlist.

So, if you are looking for that one activity to do over spring break that no one else can say they did, go on a road trip somewhere. Just sit back, put in some headphones, and take a nice relaxing break from your snapchat stories and the stress that comes with the second semester of the school year. Live your life, don’t record it.