The Vanguard

Alec Freeman
Sophomore, Alec Freeman is a Vanguard TV Reporter at LTHS. His aspiration in this organization is to speak for students’ accomplishments and empowering his peers. Intentions for his production are to represent his school with pride and give back to the community. Being a part of The Vanguard serves as a creative outlet for his passion of writing, art, and providing awareness for the student body. He does this by constructing media that presents his school as attractive and reporting the truth about achievements. The leading role in his life is the American television host, Wendy Williams, due to her confidence in her own beliefs, as well as her iconic statements. With similar beliefs to his icon, Freeman emphasizes that “creative people are the innovators of the future.”

Alec Freeman, Vanguard TV Reporter

Nov 14, 2016
Red Ribbon Week (Story)