Eras tour review (Addie’s version)


Taylor Swift performs All Too Well at AT&T Stadium on March 31st to a sold out concert. Photo Credit: Addie Salvosa

Addie Salvosa, Editor-in-chief

Taylor Swift. A household name and pop culture icon visited Arlington, Texas for her highly-anticipated Eras Tour. I had the immense honor to attend her concert at the AT&T Stadium on Friday, March 31 with my friends, and truly enjoyed each and every moment. Here is my review on the incredible day!


But first, some context: 

Ticket process – My mom registered for the Ticketmaster Verified Fan presale option for November 15, and we eagerly awaited for the email notification that verified fans could receive if they were lucky enough. Seats for Swift’s concert at AT&T’s stadium were sold on SeatGeek, instead of Ticketmaster which I believe benefited ticket buyers for this event, because it did not experience the level of glitches and controversy as the Ticketmaster ticket fiasco. In my opinion, I think the smaller concentration helped customers score tickets and gain access to the ticket purchasing. 


To learn more about the Ticketmaster ticket sale drama: reference this link:

Seats – We were seated in section 122, row 18, seats 3-7, which gave us a close view of Taylor and it was directly in front of the stage, which helped us have gaze experience! 


The openers were Gayle and MUNA and they performed for about 30 minutes. I was not very familiar with their songs, but they played wonderfully, playing covers and songs from the beginning of their discography. 


Favorite Songs: Okay, so this one was hard to narrow down, but I chose 13 songs I absolutely adored hearing (featuring some references to my favorite parts in 13 words or less!)


  1. “The Archer” – Archer pose
  2. “Fearless” – Heart hands, Fearless twirl
  3. “Champagne Problems” – What a shame she’s f***** in the head they said
  4. “Marjorie” – What died didn’t stay dead
  5. “Don’t Blame Me”/”Look What You Made Me Do” – Don’t Blame Me for what You Made Me Do
  6. “Enchanted” – I was enchanted to meet you
  7. “22” – End up dreaming instead of sleeping
  8. “All Too Well (10 Minute Version)” – You kept me like a secret, but I kept you like an oath
  9. “The 1” – First live performance, reminded me of my mom, Joe Alwyn breakup was foreshadowed?
  10. “August”/”Betty”/”Cardigan” – love triangle 😉
  11. “Shake It Off” – I’m just going to shake it off
  12. “Mastermind” – None of it was accidental 
  13. “Karma” – Ask me why so many fade but I’m still here


Surprise songs: I love the fact that Swift is including surprise songs to each concert! I think it adds even more to the unforgettable experience that she provides, and I think it helps people lose their sense of individuality as we all came together to scream and sing Swift’s lyrics that we know by heart!


“Sad Beautiful Tragic” – This is such a hidden gem and I was delighted to hear Swift sing this! The song has one of my favorite bridges and hearing it live cemented its beauty:

Distance, timing

Breakdown, fighting

Silence, the train runs off its tracks

Kiss me, try to fix it

Could you just try to listen?

Hang up, give up

For the life of us we can’t get back

“Ours” – Speak Now (Deluxe Edition) – I was honestly surprised to hear this surprise song, because Swift was limiting the songs she was playing from Speak Now, and to hear a song, not only from that album, but from the Deluxe edition left me speechless. It was so endearing to hear how much it meant to her to sing about the bond and love that is ours. 


Taylor was the best host, and continued the show with minimal breaks, keeping our attention focused on her and truly making it the best night ever. The concert was very immersive and there were no bad seats, the jumbotron provided clear views to any audience member and there were amazing props such as the trees in “Willow” and the interactive RED intro involving the box that would open and close previewing some songs from RED. 


Concert in 3 words: life-changing, surreal, emotional


As I listen back to the songs she performed on that fateful night, I am transported back to AT&T Stadium to an unforgettable evening. Thank you for everything Taylor, I had the time of my life with you.