“The Stories Of 13 sleepless nights” – A Taylor Swift album review


Taylor Swift’s new album “Midnights” was released on October 21, 2022.

Addie Salvosa, Editor-in-chief

Taylor Swift’s long awaited tenth studio album released on October 21, 2022, causing an outpour of many differing opinions. Swift announced her tenth album during her award speech at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards. This album is described as “the stories of 13 sleepless nights” throughout Swift’s life.  Here are my descriptions for each song. 


Track 1) Lavender Haze – The opening song to this album provides an upbeat take on Swift’s love story, not placing too much attention on society’s view and keeping herself stuck in a lavender haze, a term coined from the movie Mad Men. This song builds an anticipation of what listeners can expect for the album and is a catchy, interesting introduction.


Favorite Lyric: Talk your talk and go viral/I just need this love spiral 


Track 2) Maroon – This song is reminiscent of Call It What You Want in Swift’s album Reputation with a soothing beat and steady rhythm. The bridge is immaculate and starts with a low, steady beat and explains how her love was a feeling deeper than red, its significance became maroon. 


Favorite Lyric: Carnations you had thought were roses, that’s us


Track 3) Anti-Hero – My personal favorite song on the album, Taylor describes her vulnerability in the lyrics of the song and utilizes repetition to emphasize her personal struggles and eventually her acceptance of her true self. This song resonates with me the most because it shows how we can be flawed and imperfect, but we’ll be perfectly fine in the end. 


Favorite Lyric: I should not be left to my own devices they come with prices and vices/I end up in crisis


Track 4) Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey) – This song is very angelic and provides a soothing and comforting feeling as Swift and Lana Del Ray collaborate to bring this song to life. The song supplies a cozy air and takes us on her musical journey through the “Aurora Borealis” of life and love and compares it to the rare, but beautiful occasion such as finding snow on the beach. 


Favorite Lyric: Life is emotionally abusive/and time can’t stop me quite like you did 


Track 5) You’re On Your Own, Kid – The vulnerability is palpable in this song and it accurately details the depth of being alone and struggling to fit in. As long as you have your loved one, you will be ok, with no need for validation from others. The yearning for another person, and all of the hard work to only be torn down, ultimately being alone, doesn’t have to be a bad thing. 


Favorite Lyric: I gave my blood, sweat, and tears for this


Track 6) Midnight Rain – This song is reminiscent of Swift’s album 1989 and invokes feelings of nostalgia. Swift compares her old love and describes his attitude toward her and her changes when deciding how much she will let someone affect her. 


Favorite Lyric: I never think of him/Except on midnights like this


Track 7) Question…? – This song brings long-awaited questions to light involving love, and also highlights the depths of a relationship. It questions regrets and what-ifs, and highlights comparisons and asks if they think about their past relationship, after all it’s just a question.


Favorite Lyric: Did you ever have someone kiss you in a crowded room?


Track 8) Vigilante S*** – Swift comes back with another Reputation-like song which includes a catchy beat with an undertone of revenge. She alludes to a certain person as the song goes on and the lyrics provide an insight into the effect revenge has on her and what it has sparked her to do. 


Favorite Lyric: Don’t get sad, get even


Track 9) Bejeweled – This song is the perfect hype song which showcases inner beauty and the power people hold which is their own, no one gets to dictate anyone’s actions. The value others try to give is inconsequential, what matters is how you view yourself. 


Favorite Lyric: When I walk in the room/I can still make the whole place shimmer


Track 10) Labyrinth – One of my least favorite songs on this album, this song is soothing, calming, but maintains the same tone and rhythm without much change, being overall lackluster. It would be suitable for background music and ultimately portrays the feeling of falling in love, beautiful but heartbreaking. 


Favorite Lyric: Breathe in, breathe through, breathe deep, breathe out


Track 11) Karma – This song brings a vivacious and energetic feeling emphasizing a carefree and peaceful nature. It embodies the feeling of relief, recognizing that there is karma and how it rules, becoming people’s friends or their enemies depending on the situation. Karma cannot be escaped, but it can be embraced.


Favorite Lyric: Karma’s a relaxing thought/Aren’t you envious that for you it’s not?


Track 12) Sweet Nothing – This song is reminiscent of a lullaby, lulling me to sleep, and adds a feeling of calm and relief. This song effectively shows what it feels like to allow yourself to fall in love, whether it be the first or the last time. 


Favorite Lyric: To you, I can admit that I’m just too soft for all of it


Track 13) Mastermind – Throughout the song there is an undertone of wistfulness and Taylor intentionally shifts the tone to demonstrate the progression and revelation of her love story. The first meeting led to the evolution of her love, and her purposeful actions. Swift also details her childhood and her inner dialogue as she grew up. 


Favorite Lyric: And I swear/I’m only cryptic and Machiavillian ‘cause I care


In conclusion, I would rate this album an overall 7.5/10. Swift does it again with her enthralling bridges, and this album shows her evolution through her debut album to current works. This album may be her most random album yet, straying away from one distinct theme, but it effectively portrays the complexity of finding ourselves and staying awake on midnights. I may not listen to this album as much as her others such as Red or Fearless, but I will keep it in mind for certain sleepless nights. For bonus content, Swift also released her Midnights 3 AM Edition with seven additional songs to help keep Swifties’ hearts content.