Humans of LT— Ms. McBrayer



Ava Bronstad, Lead Staff

Q: Who are you and what do you do for Lebanon Trail? 

A: “My name is Jennifer McBrayer and I am the attendance clerk at Lebanon Trail. 

Q: What is something people should know about being an attendance clerk? 

A: It’s kinda cool! You build relationships and you can see if someone is going to a specific college or hearing about a trip other people go on. It’s just cool to learn all about other people’s lives. 

Q: How has the pandemic time changed you work style/load? 

A: I really can’t answer that question, since I’m new this year, but I can tell you that when there’s a rise in COVID cases, there’s a rise in attendance. They just have to be a little more precautious since there’s increased cases. 

Q: What is an average day like as an attendance clerk? 

A: Busy. I start my day by adjusting situations where I have to decipher if a kid was just tardy or absent. I also put in sub attendances, if we have any. I also follow up with teachers that didn’t put attendance in and make sure they put it in. Also, all the doctors notes and parents notes and everything. It makes for a busy day. 

Q: What are the advantages that comes with this work? 

A: Seeing the different cool places people go, building relationships with the students and teachers, and also just more knowledge. I’ve learned a lot this year that I didn’t learn before. 

Q: Are there any crazy stories you have experienced while being an attendance clerk? 

A: Maybe a parent saying their child is home sick when they’re sitting in their classroom. Not really anything else crazy.