“The Suicide Squad” awes the audience with mind blowing plot and characters


Credit: denofgeek.com

Ira Tendulkar, Staff Reporter

What if villains…saved the day? When a group of criminals and outlaws are forced to join an anti-hero group called “suicide-squad” and go on a mission too deadly for even the best US agents, they have no other choice but to follow orders or risk getting killed. “The Suicide Squad,” which was was released on Aug. 5, 2021, is an action-packed movie full of comedy and morality challenging questions that everyone can enjoy.

With twists and turns at every corner, the movie involves an interesting plot that viewers won’t expect. The group of Anti-villains including Harley Quinn, Bloodsport, Peacemaker, the Ratcather 2 and more find unexpected things in common and grow closer when attempting to save the world. The only job of the suicide squad was to follow orders, carry out misions, and try and come back alive. But as more information is revealed, the suicide squad begins to question the motives of their supervisors, and whether or not this mission was actually going to save the world. 

While “Suicide Squad” (Suicide Squad 1) illustrates a fight between former villains and new villains, “The Suicide Sqaud” (Suicide Squad 2) shows the importance of questioning the ones in power, as they are not always right. Both movies are action-packed and both draw the users in with charisma and comedy.

In both movies, actor Margot Robbie— who plays Harley Quinn— expresses the perfect blend between sane and psychotic through her acting. Harley is more of a tragic character than a villain as shown by her drive to stand up to bullies and her tragic backstory, and Margot portrays that splendidly. Her wide range of emotions are enough to make anyone sympathize with her and viewers can tell that Margot knows how to express that.

Although Margot Robbie has played in multiple films, her character of Harley Quinn took off the most. Everyone knows the crazy grin she has while going on an adventure, and everyone loves her insane behavior.

“The Suicide Squad” was an excellent film that draws people in and holds on to them until the very end. I definitely recommend watching this movie if you are someone who loves funny, sarcastic characters and unforgettable plots.