All you need to know about the college admissions process— Part 3


Credit: Ethan Wu

Vaishnavi Josyula

Paying for college can be strenuous, especially when the average cost of attendance in the United States is about $35,000. While around 83% of the parents pay for part of the price, here are some ways students can alleviate their college expenses. 

According to LTHS’ lead counselor Karen Austin, seniors can apply for grants, scholarships, work study programs, and loans.

To see if a student qualifies for federal and state aid, they may also apply for FAFSA, “a form completed by current and prospective college students in the United States to determine their eligibility for student financial aid,” Austin added. Students who don’t qualify for FAFSA but are Texas residents can apply for TASFA which is “used to collect information to help determine eligibility for state financial aid programs that are administered by institutions of higher education in the state of Texas.” 

Seniors also have the option to apply for scholarships through their Xello account and by going to the Counselor tab on the LTHS website and clicking on the “Financial Aid/Scholarships” link. 

One such scholarship is offered by Questbrige, a non-profit that “assists academically outstanding high school seniors from households earning less than $65,000/year for a typical family of four,” Austin said. 

Another scholarship Frisco ISD offers is the Frisco Education Foundation (FEF) scholarship which every senior in a Frisco ISD high school is eligible to apply for. For grants and scholarships with applications, it is advised that students submit the application at the right time: FAFSA opens Oct. 01 and FEF closes Dec. 17.

After applying for FAFSA, students can also participate in work study programs, which, according to the Department of Education, is “a way for students to earn money to pay for school through part-time on- (and sometimes off-) campus jobs. However, not every school participates in the Federal Work-Study Program.

Students may also take out loans to pay for tuition, housing, or any other expense that they can pay back with interest. Should a student have any question about the best way to finance their education, they may reach out to their counselor at LTHS or another professional.