Caught in the Hallway: Holiday edition


Fernando Fernandez, Lead Staff

Interviewer: Fernando Fernandez

Interviewees: Will Lo (SRO), Kalie Wilson (9), Jayden Khemlani (9)


“What’s your favorite holiday and what do you do to celebrate it?”

I enjoy Thanksgiving the most because to celebrate, I get to cook a lot, which is what I enjoy. And also I can eat a lot while having fun with friends and family.” – Lo

“My favorite holiday is Halloween because I get to steal everyone’s candy and scare kids. Also, there’s a frightening element to it.” – Wilson

My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get presents from a lot of people. The best part about the presents is that I usually get money, and I like money. I can use it freely and when I want. I enjoy receiving presents because I can receive what I like, but for free.” – Khemlani


“What is your favorite holiday movie?”

My favorite holiday movie is Elf. I enjoy the comedy in that movie, and near the end, it’s very touching and heartfelt. When the main female actor begins singing and everyone else joins in, they start supporting the magic of Christmas, which is what makes a sleigh fly. This scene provides goodwill, kindness and morality.” – Lo

My favorite holiday movie is The Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s the best movie ever because it was from my favorite producer. Also, the movie has my favorite holiday in it. My favorite part about the movie was at the end because it was heartwarming.” – Wilson

My favorite holiday movie is Elf. Because despite it being old, it’s really funny because they have a bunch of funny jokes in it and it always manages to amuse me, and also one of the actors was a great addition to the movie.” – Khemlani 


“What is your favorite holiday memory?”

My favorite holiday memory during Christmas is watching my kids open presents and seeing them get excited. They can get almost any kind of gift, and their reaction shows as if they wanted that gift all of their life. It really gives a positive outlook on Christmas, like innocence and happiness.” – Lo

My favorite holiday memory was when the elf on the shelf took a crap on my dog. I woke up one morning and I saw my mom with the elf and some opened Kit Kats. She put the elf right above where my dog was laying down, with the Kit Kats on his head so it looked like the elf took a crap on the dog. It was pretty funny.” – Wilson

My favorite holiday memory was the first time I ever went skiing. Obviously, I was really good at it. But one time I almost died because of how close I was to hitting a tree. After that, all our friends and family were invited to a Christmas party. Later, we opened all of our presents while we had lots of overall fun.” – Khemlani