A Formal Ending on a Happy Note


Fernanda Valle, Editor-in-Chief

On May 1st, Lebanon Trail will be hosting the Senior Formal at the W Hotel in Dallas. With tickets on sale at $75 each, Seniors will be able to purchase them to attend the event. 

While the entire year has been a divide between virtual and in-person learning, LTHS students have managed to excel and still be model students each day, conquering each virtual lesson or in-person activity with smiles. As one of the last events for seniors, and one of the only ones the entire year, the Senior is highly anticipated by all those planning to attend. 

“It’s sort of the last get-together for all of us,” senior Deven Patel said. “I’m excited to see some people I haven’t seen this year because I’m an in-person student, but also to just have fun.”

For many seniors, the formal is a chance to talk and enjoy their time with some people that have been unable to attend events all year due to COVID-19. Yet, as vaccines are increasingly becoming more available, and people are able to get vaccinated quicker, these events are looking more and more hopeful. 

“Even though this year has been distant for all of us, I am looking forward to the Senior Formal a lot!” Patel said. 

Other seniors are also anticipating the Senior Formal and are happy to have something just for seniors. 

“It will be nice to see everyone all dressed up,” senior Madeline Lee said. 

Lee is a virtual student, and she said that it will be a good thing to finally see people that are not on a computer screen. 

Similarly, senior Aashka Shroff is equally as happy to see the people she has gone to school with since freshman year. 

“ It’s so great that the school is giving us an opportunity to have an event this year, all while respecting social distancing guidelines,” Shroff said. 

Shroff meets the event with joy and smiles, but also with a bittersweet feeling. 

“We’re graduating in about a month,” Shroff said. “This will be one of the last events we have together, but after a year of many surprises, this is the best way to see everyone again in a happy light.”